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We have been fortunate to have a great client base characterized by strong relationships and high client loyalty.  We believe that a business relationship is defined by all the knowledge, expertise, value and reliability our Firm demonstrates to our clients, as well as our competence, ethics, integrity and trustworthiness.  We do not measure the quality of the relationship with such vague measures as “excellent”, “good”, “nice” and so on.  These metrics are at best subjective or at worst inconclusive.  We much rather looks at the strength of the business relationship and focus on the level of satisfaction of the client with our work, overall perceptions of quality, customer commitment to the relationship, and “chemistry” between the Firm and the client. We have a “zero of tolerance” approach when it comes to client evaluation of our performance: we expect the client to evaluate our overall performance as “exceptional.”

We are committed to forming a mutually successful business relationship with our clients that is measured by the following obtainable criteria: (i) quality of service, (ii) positive attitude, (iii) work-product that is responsive to the client’s requests, (iv) performed within client-required time frames, (v) at reasonable fees.  These criteria summarize the basic mission and vision of our Firm, which becomes our commitment to our clients: we believe that our greatest asset is our quality of service as well as our attitude and objective to render a responsive and quality-oriented work-product performed within client-required time frames at reasonable fees.  Simply, there is no substitute for good work done expeditiously and in a manner that is responsive to the business needs of our clients.


We have a commitment to stay within the client’s budget requirements.  We keep a tight reign over overhead expenses.  Expense control is an important aspect of effective law firm management that we do not ignore.  We also strive to increase our productivity by investing in continuing legal education and training in areas of expertise that match our clients’ needs.  This is a top priority.  We constantly examine staffing models as well as methods for delivering legal services while reducing costs and maintaining quality. Moreover, we value alternative fee arrangements, expense control, and continual communication.  Our cost control strategies include the following:


  • reduce internal costs by eliminating unnecessary steps in the delivery of legal services;


  • reduce client costs by limiting expenses and disbursements to those most needed to complete client work;


  • improve lawyer responsiveness, which we believe to be one of the most important factors in client satisfaction and retention;


  • increase our productivity by investing in CLE and other training to reflect our clients’ latest expectations;


  • meet with clients to gather feedback on quality, work product, responsiveness and pricing.


We have a fundamental culture of collaboration and strive to be responsive to our clients’ needs and deadlines.  To that end, we are committed to working closely with our clients on assigned projects, and continuously seek feedback regarding our performance of the work assigned and ways to improve.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship.