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Corporate & Business Law

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We offer a full range of legal services to assist you with the establishment of business. We focus on correct corporate or business entity formation so that proper organizational papers, minutes, bylaws, tax filings, capital deposits and stock issues occur, so that a true entity with real rights and protections arises.

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Commercial Transactions

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To ensure that the rights and best interests of your business are preserved in all commercial transactions, we apply our experience and knowledge to pursue a cost-effective and efficient resolution in all commercial transactions and business disputes. Our business law experience and diligence will give you the necessary legal foundation upon which your business can rely and may save your company money further down the road.

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Public Finance

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Public purpose funding and borrowing activities revolve around a complex combination of statutes, timing and notice requirements and countless other details. But also critical to successful funding — beyond the legal complexities — is an understanding of a transaction’s practical aspects (how an issue is put together, the role of the financial advisor, the underwriter and other parties to the transaction) and of the way government wheels turn on financing issues.

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The Colón Law Firm provides services to address regulatory legislation at both the state and local levels throughout a broad range of industries.We bring a diverse background to the process, including government enforcement work, lobbying and legislative affairs experience and corporate finance.

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Mediation & Arbitration

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The Colón Law Firm offers mediation and arbitration processes to help individuals and businesses reach a resolution of a legal dispute voluntarily, without the cost of litigation.We take pride in helping each party reach a fair and amicable resolution to a conflict in the best interest of everyone involved.

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